Lurker no more

Posted on: January 5, 2009

This is it my initial post the one that I have been anticipating for all of these months that I have been lurking on everyone else’s blogs. Right now I feel like the foreign kid sitting in a class wondering what the flack the teacher is saying. I will learn more about the mechanics of blogging or get drunk trying. Maybe I shall wander up to the local liquor store right now or possibly go get a “for dummies” book on how to make this a cool blog that lots of the folks out there will want to read every week as much as I look forward to reading theirs.


4 Responses to "Lurker no more"

Welcome to blogging! Relax and ENJOY!

Lurker, voyer… what’s the problem?

Welcome. Now, you’re in for a major time-suck. I hope you’re prepared.

Ya well now my family won’t have to listen to me as much I can rant away to my computer

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