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Posted on: July 22, 2010

If you happened over here because of the article from the Edmonton Journal I want to thank you for stopping by. At this particular time I don’t have any food posts due to the lack of a decent camera. I have a background in photography and would rather not post crappy photos. Food blogging tends to have more meaning when there are visuals. In my opinion words are powerful but need the images to make the work appealing. Stay tuned the food blog will be coming, for now I’ll continue to tweet at habanerogal and look forward to seeing you in the future


3 Responses to "Thanks for visiting my blog"

Thank-you for sharing your neighbourhood favs. I can’t wait to make your Fish Tikin-Xic. We often go to Mexico and I know there are sour oranges there . Can you also find them in your neck of the woods?

The sour orange juice is available at Tienda Salvadorena and any well stocked Latin American grocery store

just wondering where can I contact you…
is your email listed anywhere on the site?
thanks Danielle

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