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Hey can you believe it it has been an ENTIRE month since I gave the smokes the heave ho? I kind of forget that I ever smoked anymore it is strange. I could lie and say it has been a picnic but my family would call me out on that one. Suffice it to say I might have used up a lifetime of profanity and cancelled my subscription to any parenting publication that dared to tell me how to talk to teenagers.
I still haven’t really put the filters back on, the ones that flew out the window that miraculous day. I allow any angry thought I have to come spewing out of me. Most of them are directed at thin air when a particularly stupid or obnoxious caller has gotten under my skin. Some of them actually require an apology later when feelings of loved ones or Christians are offended.
Update: this post has taken a while to write due to the fact that I like to overanalyze my feelings but all in all I am still smoke free, still have my job and most of my family and friends still like and or love me.


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