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I am so happy to report that my Say No to Tobacco project is going really well. There has been a ton of support from all kinds of great people from my real life and from out there in Webland. I must say I am pretty psyched at how much love I have gotten. Anthony Bourdain just keeps getting sexier all the time his team did a ton to show me the love, just check out the twitter stream for #quittingrawks if you want.

There have been a few moments where I felt temptation tugging at me. Usually I get restless when waiting for a bus but I am rechanneling all of my yoga experience and learning how to breathe again.
Just out of curiousity when did everything start smelling so much? I mean teenagers and their B.O., feet and carpets blech I feel a Febreeze intervention coming on.
All in all I am happy content and a little restless. I will need a junkfood smackdown sooner than later. See y’all in the tent department for my next clothes shopping trip.



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