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This is one wild ride that I have been on the last year. Exactly one year ago I decided promptly at 8:30 am that I had just become a former smoker. I had been mulling the idea over for some time and had come to the conclusion that I was no longer happy being an addict to the tobacco monster.
Just like that I extinguished the cigarette unceremoniously leaving behind an ugly reminder of the past. I had some holidays to be able to let the emotional baggage go without fear of repercussions from employers. Despite the fact that I work in the health care field and they are always encouraging and challenging us to not smoke, I doubted they would be ready for my expletive ridden tirades at that particular point in time. I told myself that it is OK to feel irritable ( I called it stabby for humor sake)
These are only my opinions, but other than my new found sense of smell that got turned off by the reeking ashtrays and stale smell in the house I felt I was coping pretty well. Suffice it to say I was considered a bit a a crank and the family and friends were gracious enough to tolerate me.
That is how the first few days went euphoria mixed with confusion and a little bit of anxiety. My worst fear is that it would make the bond with my husband weaken as I had “left the gang” so to speak, become an outsider, possibly a converter/zealot. I have always done my darndest not to lecture anyone regarding my choice. The fact remains I did this for ME and nobody else. All I could hope for was someone seeing that I could do it therefore they could too. I have lent out my Alan Carr book to several people but have not try to coach or advise anyone. It is a personal journey and after all I took it without guidance or urging so it behooves me to guide myself accordingly.
This year I will put aside all of the money that I didn’t spend on smoking and do something wonderful with it. Travel comes to mind as does an educational pursuit. I’ll have to see where this journey takes me. For now I am going to remain focused on being a good role model and to take the steps to getting my physical self into shape as I look down the road to my 50th birthday.

PS Not that I am a fame whore but one of the people who inspired me in my quitting among other not so well known former smokers was Anthony Bourdain. I did a shout out of thanks on Twitter this morning to his wife @OttaviaBourdain and thanked him through her for helping me. She stated great to hear that ! Congrats ! Just a little icing and hope it makes them feel good too. Every quitter deserves to be inspirational.

I haven’t really been paying much attention to milestones in my quitting smoking journey. The main reason is that my mindset (which if you know me well leans towards the stubborn side) has been resolute from the get go. Once I put out that last cigarette with not very much in the way of ceremony I was a former smoker. Just like that the switch had been turned off. I can’t explain how I got to that place where I just KNEW that the door had shut and I was walking forward, but I had done it.
Before I committed to quitting I joined a group called Albertaquits.ca. They are an online support group run by the Alberta Lung Association. I have not been active in the support groups but one aspect of the program that I enjoy is the stats and quit anniversary reminder that they send. In honour of my 7 month-aversary here are all of the statistics that make me stand back and gloat a bit and say well done.

Your Quit Date is: Monday, August 17, 2009 at 12:00:00 AM
Test Time Smoke-Free: 212 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes and 8 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4243
Lifetime Saved: 1 month, 2 days, 9 hours
Money Saved: $2,035.20

Trust me if I can stay the course living with smokers then you can too. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to be here in a happier place.

For those of you who have been following my odyssey of leaving the smokers world, you will be excited to know that a significant date has arrived. Ninety days have come and gone since I tossed the smokes away and said I am no longer interested in being a part of the obsession. I used the Allen Carr book which teaches a mindset approach to saying good-bye to this “former friend”. I can’t thank him enough really.
I am not bragging about this because I honestly know how hard it can be for folks to get to this place. I could have some sort of setback that would cause me to take it up again. (No thanks necessary to my ex-husband)
I live day to day and look at each decision NOT to light up as a success. Now if only I was as successful at keeping the weight off. I have to admit my waistline has taken a bit of a bashing from the experience, however I am not going to let this deter me in my celebrating at the present time. Besides, the two empty socks that formerly hung from my chest have now been reinflated and are looking mighty spectacular. It’s a trade off that I am counting as a plus for now.
Do keep at it if you are joining the battle and drop a line if you need some encouragement. I am full of optimism and sparkly new boobs.

Since one of my only guilty pleasures in life is TV now that I don’t have the cancer sticks to fall back on I need a distraction. Lets face it if I drank beer to dull that non-smoky feeling I’d be a REALLY chubby drunk all the time. (not just on Twitter)

Since this is just a fantasty exercise let us begin with my first fave TV guy which is Anthony Bourdain. He is completely funny and irreverent, age appropriate and also one of my smoking quitting heros. His No Reservations twitter people even retweeted my thanks out there to the universe.

Hubby #2 Would be Don Draper also known by his real life name of Jon Hamm but alas character is a smoker so he’s out. Cheaters never get to be in my fantasy.
From the AMC gang as well would be another yummy dad named Bryan Cranston . My reasons from above still apply. Age appropriate check, irreverent check bit of a bad boy ( well his character does make drugs and lets people who are in his path just die) I say he’s bonafide.
Hubby #3 After food and drugs comes brave and dangerous so in that category I will have to go with Mr Don Eppes of Numb3rs
He is aloof and sexy in a non needy way unlike another CBS man of the night known as Jake Weber of Medium. His character is a bit too doormat for me.

In short I need a fantasy guy who isn’t my son’s age (ew cougar breath) and a bit smart and edgy. I will continue my quest in weeks to come but do tell me who is your fantasy TV hubby and why.

Hey can you believe it it has been an ENTIRE month since I gave the smokes the heave ho? I kind of forget that I ever smoked anymore it is strange. I could lie and say it has been a picnic but my family would call me out on that one. Suffice it to say I might have used up a lifetime of profanity and cancelled my subscription to any parenting publication that dared to tell me how to talk to teenagers.
I still haven’t really put the filters back on, the ones that flew out the window that miraculous day. I allow any angry thought I have to come spewing out of me. Most of them are directed at thin air when a particularly stupid or obnoxious caller has gotten under my skin. Some of them actually require an apology later when feelings of loved ones or Christians are offended.
Update: this post has taken a while to write due to the fact that I like to overanalyze my feelings but all in all I am still smoke free, still have my job and most of my family and friends still like and or love me.

I am so happy to report that my Say No to Tobacco project is going really well. There has been a ton of support from all kinds of great people from my real life and from out there in Webland. I must say I am pretty psyched at how much love I have gotten. Anthony Bourdain just keeps getting sexier all the time his team did a ton to show me the love, just check out the twitter stream for #quittingrawks if you want.

There have been a few moments where I felt temptation tugging at me. Usually I get restless when waiting for a bus but I am rechanneling all of my yoga experience and learning how to breathe again.
Just out of curiousity when did everything start smelling so much? I mean teenagers and their B.O., feet and carpets blech I feel a Febreeze intervention coming on.
All in all I am happy content and a little restless. I will need a junkfood smackdown sooner than later. See y’all in the tent department for my next clothes shopping trip.


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