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Was reminded today since it is Canada Day of a trip that took us through Utah on the way to California. That story is a whole other post where I will tell you about leaving the country without even a toothbrush.
Anywho… we needed to stop to get an oilchange, since the Viking is a fanatic about car upkeep. The map told me that the next town with a dot bigger than an atom was called Beaver. Could this be true? I have a thing for taking photos of signs and the ones that say “Entering (insert name) and posing there. We got to the outskirts of this average size rural town and as I scout the horizon for any type of “Entering Beaver” sign I am heartbroken because they went for the less effective Welcome to Beaver.
This Canadian girl’s dream was crushed. On a brighter note, I did get a shot of the sign that bears my name going through Montana.

*today I asked my girl bits some important questions on http://wipingupsnot.com/2009/03/02/hand-your-vagina-the-keyboard-i-have-some-questions-for-her/
*got a gym membership a month ago went once…time to step up
*started a spring purge so many boxes…need to simplify and recycle more often
*gave the heave ho to Internet Explorer and moved over to Opera, much easier and visually blows IE outta the water.
*lost 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back looking at the sniveling man who is the latest Bachelor, seriously who would want that creap as his sloppy seconds?
*save for a rainy day it could come to a home near you.
*live love and remember to put hotsauce on everything !


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