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The month of January has slipped through my grasp, however I recently went on a quest for my first cheese of the year along with my new foodie pal @alexglee. We shopped at the Save-on Foods on Jasper Avenue and 109th Street. I figured the selection in the downtown area would be much wider than in my own working class neighbourhood. Our local store tends to stick to the tried and true cheddars and mozzas and the whole point of the Resolution is to try a new type of cheese each month. Not an easy task as I have always been fairly adventurous in my cheese eating over the years. I ended up choosing Cheshire cheese without even getting a sample and came home to give it a taste test.
Upon doing my research as to the origins and pedigree of the Cheshire cheese, I was surprised to learn that it is the oldest commercially produced cheese from Britain, wow nothing like beginning at the beginning.

I quite enjoyed the sharpness and bite very similar to a well aged cheddar which is one of my favourites. It has the same crumbly texture which can be maddening to some, but I find that all the crumbs that fall off find a way into my mouth somehow or other.

The possibilities for enjoying this cheese are varied. I didn’t buy a huge piece so most of it was eaten au-naturelle or with soda crackers. I did try an omelet along with some of my fave veggies, green pepper and mushroom (ya not really a veggie but whatever) and it worked nicely.

This Lazy blogger and shopper would probably not go to the effort of seeking this out again due to the premium price and lack of local availability. I much prefer an extra old Balderson cheddar that I can buy in a vacuum sealed package and be more or less assured of its freshness.

I will endeavour to get back on track with my cheese-athon findings in the days to come. In the mean time go out and have a nice cheese and bacon melt it will make all of the world’s problems just a little less important. Mmmm bacon



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