On Resolutions

Posted on: January 18, 2010

I have spent many a December night trying to take stock and decide what needs to be worked on, changed or improved for a Big New Year fresh start. After a few broken resolutions and the beating up of oneself over broken promises, I decided that the best resolution to make was a FUN one.

Perhaps it was a night of drinking or too many Food Network shows that prompted me, but the resolution I made this year was to…wait for it it’s a good one… to try a new type of cheese every month for the entire year. I may decide to blog about it or maybe just tweet but I will promise to share my cheddar files with you. That is all for now… I’m off to the cheese shop.


4 Responses to "On Resolutions"

What a cute site! I can think of no better way of spending the new year than trying out lots of new cheeses, except maybe trying out lots of new wines……

I. LOVE. Cheese.

So it’s February now. Are you adequately cheesed?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Getting plenty of cheese just can’t get to the keyboard yet to write about it must have cheese-lover’s block.

ohhhhh habanerogal…where are youuuuuu? You can’t just leave us hanging like a piece of processed cheesestring. You promised us excerpts from The Cheese Files, now deliver, dammit!

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