Facebook is watching me on webcam and I’m scared

Posted on: November 26, 2009

Most of the folks on Facebook are getting annoyed with all of the suggestions that the robots or drones over there are making. People that you might know because 14 of your friends know them, people who don’t have enough friends so I can help them find some? Since when did Facebook think I should be some sort of internet matchmaker. Haven’t they heard, Eharmony is doing a “fine job” of that without my suggestions.
What really gets to me is when they actually have the audacity to suggest to me that I reconnect with my husband. I hope they aren’t watching me on the webcam that we have here on the computer desk in my bedroom. Perhaps we aren’t getting it on quite enough. They would know THEY are watching.

Update: Now that I am mocking Faceboook about my sexual exploits they are putting ads for Tantric Sex workshops on my sidebar. Intersting and creepy all at once. Do you suppose Sting and Trudy will be the instructors. Hope there is no demo or hands on approach…


3 Responses to "Facebook is watching me on webcam and I’m scared"

well, you’d think if They were watching, They would at least offer an app for it.

Like, “Habanerogal and Habanerohusband have only collected the Missionary and Doggie Style Sex Badges for Facebook’s Sex Scouts game. Suggest new positions for Habanerogal and Habanerohusband to try.”

yes the badges would be great I mean isn’t that the only reason we were in Girl Guides?

Stone Fox is onto something here… could end up like fear factor sex :)… perhaps Joe Rogan could provide commentary from the closet?

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