My TV husband this year will be…

Posted on: October 2, 2009

Since one of my only guilty pleasures in life is TV now that I don’t have the cancer sticks to fall back on I need a distraction. Lets face it if I drank beer to dull that non-smoky feeling I’d be a REALLY chubby drunk all the time. (not just on Twitter)

Since this is just a fantasty exercise let us begin with my first fave TV guy which is Anthony Bourdain. He is completely funny and irreverent, age appropriate and also one of my smoking quitting heros. His No Reservations twitter people even retweeted my thanks out there to the universe.

Hubby #2 Would be Don Draper also known by his real life name of Jon Hamm but alas character is a smoker so he’s out. Cheaters never get to be in my fantasy.
From the AMC gang as well would be another yummy dad named Bryan Cranston . My reasons from above still apply. Age appropriate check, irreverent check bit of a bad boy ( well his character does make drugs and lets people who are in his path just die) I say he’s bonafide.
Hubby #3 After food and drugs comes brave and dangerous so in that category I will have to go with Mr Don Eppes of Numb3rs
He is aloof and sexy in a non needy way unlike another CBS man of the night known as Jake Weber of Medium. His character is a bit too doormat for me.

In short I need a fantasy guy who isn’t my son’s age (ew cougar breath) and a bit smart and edgy. I will continue my quest in weeks to come but do tell me who is your fantasy TV hubby and why.


8 Responses to "My TV husband this year will be…"

That’s easy. Tom Colicchio from Top Chef. I need a man who can cook and I can eat off his head. Oops. That sounded dirty. Hmmm. ;P

he is pretty good with the food along withRick Bayless can cook for me too. I could also handle Michael Symon from Dinner Impossible

You back OFF Mr. Bourdain. He’s MINE.

but he is my quitting hero besides I only need him sometimes

i think i am going to stay married to elliot stabler again this season. i *might* have a fling with mike rowe because i find him irresistible and once even had a sexy dream about him.

thought you might enjoy this tidbit, and me likes the badass men

oh yes. me likee. thanks very much 🙂

Anthony Bourdain is TOTALLY awesome! I like this idea of having a fantasy honey…hmm… ~Susan

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