It’s been a month now

Posted on: September 22, 2009

Hey can you believe it it has been an ENTIRE month since I gave the smokes the heave ho? I kind of forget that I ever smoked anymore it is strange. I could lie and say it has been a picnic but my family would call me out on that one. Suffice it to say I might have used up a lifetime of profanity and cancelled my subscription to any parenting publication that dared to tell me how to talk to teenagers.
I still haven’t really put the filters back on, the ones that flew out the window that miraculous day. I allow any angry thought I have to come spewing out of me. Most of them are directed at thin air when a particularly stupid or obnoxious caller has gotten under my skin. Some of them actually require an apology later when feelings of loved ones or Christians are offended.
Update: this post has taken a while to write due to the fact that I like to overanalyze my feelings but all in all I am still smoke free, still have my job and most of my family and friends still like and or love me.

9 Responses to "It’s been a month now"

Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for stopping by and commenting … my guess is YES there will still be lots of lemon flavored alcoholic beverages. That’s pretty much a necessity. Although I didn’t seem to have any problem last night forgoing the lemon drops for the vino. Why limit oneself, is what SSG always says.

What? You = profanity? Well I’m befuddled and shocked.

yes P I have uttered a few more swears and I haven’t use that “oh this person is a prude” filter to prevent embarassing anyone. call it mooning without the pants.

Awesome for you!!! Seriously – great accomplishment.

thanks I feel great to hear encouragement from all of you great folks out there

wow, there must be some kind of quit-smoking virus going around. you are at least the 3rd or 4th person to quit smoking in the last couple of months (including me) that has been blogging about it.

way to go, can you believe its already been yet ANOTHER week which puts you at 5 weeks?

i’m going to remain anonymous on the internet for as long as i can, in case i actually do murder somebody due to the stress of quitting smoking; i think that would be really interesting to blog about, and it wouldn’t help to have the po-po banging down my door while i am in the middle of pouring my heart out about axe-murdering some fucking moron who had the nerve to drive too slowly in front of me.

could happen.

I think this is the best virus we can spread it is because of brave people ahead of me that I have taken these steps. For anyone out there hoping to help someone get on track it wasn’t even people who said I SHOULD quit it was just hearing their stories that made me say ya I can do this too. They will probably never know how much they helped unless I tell them so.

well done. any tips? my husband NEEDS to stop.

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