Week Two where Life gets a little stabbier

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Week one was all euphoria and change and fresh air. The rainbow and sunshine phase. Week two kicked me square in the box and left me sitting there sobbing like a schoolgirl. There was not a single person out there who I didn’t verbally attack last week. That guy at the convenience store who was all new and incompetent, toast. The busdriver who made me late for work due to too many babycarts and walkers equally toast.Family and friends are in the path too but at keast they might get an apology or an explanation for my outbursts. Or not.
I have never wanted time to pass more than now and for it to be naptime or some other distraction.
Yes I’ll have a sideorder of extra creamy stabbiness because it is just the chemicals talking. Now go away you’re pissing me off.

4 Responses to "Week Two where Life gets a little stabbier"

You’re absolutely allowed to be stabby here.

I’ve had a similar week and have been reveling in it. Apologies will just have to come later.

Did you need me to sharpen anything?

Naptime…always makes things better…for me, at least.

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