It’s time for a trip to The Big Smoke

Posted on: August 5, 2009

No this isn’t a post about the lack of virtues of smoking. It is a time of nostalgia and reflection and the fact that I haven’t been to Toronto to see the family in WAY TOO LONG. I can always count on some visits with old friends, dropping tons of money in stores that just can’t be bothered opening branches in Alberta and the like.
The best part is seeing old surroundings through different eyes.
My to-do list (most of which I don’t accomplish)
1. Kensington and or St. Lawrence Market
2. Trip to Bluffers Park
3. Danforth Avenue fruit markets for tiny artichokes
4. Queen Street East or West they both have their charms
5. AGO if there is a good collection showing http://www.ago.net/current-exhibitions
6. visit with my mama for her 75th b’day that one is THE only thing I have to do
The rest is just fantasy and nostalgia and people who I hardly even know anymore wanting a piece of l’il old me.

It gets easier each time I return to just be selfish and do the things that matter the most. Spend time with family eat some REAL cheddar (Sorry Alberta one thing I will never accept is your cheese) and remember the girl who had a dream of The West.
I’ll never regret my decision to come out here but sometimes I miss out on all the family fun and drama of course but that is all ok.
Leave a comment if we should add something to the list and get together for a Sleemans on the patio. Cheers

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