Happy sweet 16 Suzie

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the birth of my youngest, mah bay girl. I won’t go all Dooce on her and talk in that conversational tone that she uses that grates on every nerve in my body. I may get a little nostalgic or I may just tell her that she is the best thing that evah happened to me.
Perhaps bullet points…
*Best surprise evah was being told that you were a girl not the 2nd boy I was sure that I was having
*Graceful, inquisitive and full of opinions and raw energy
*Inspiring and unpredictable
*Original and individual completely lacking in pretensions
I hope that it is clear that the connection we have is elastic and at times will be tested to the limits, that you will stretch and once finding your way return to those who love and cherish you. Dang girl you made me do the Dooce voice after all.
You bring me immense joy and even if I don’t always show it I love everything about you. Happy sweet 16 “Suzie”

2 Responses to "Happy sweet 16 Suzie"

Happy Birthday, “Suzie!” I remember 16 being a wonderful age.

Ahhh… you really DO love her! And here all this time I thought it was because she owed you money.

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